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Join Us Today!!

Why join scouts?
It’s FUN! ⋅ Spiritual & character growth ⋅ Citizenship training ⋅ Opportunities for families to bond ⋅
Develop interests and skills ⋅ Adventure ⋅ Fellowship ⋅ Diversity ⋅ Positive influence

How is our Pack organized?
After the Lion rank, all scouts must earn the Bobcat badge before advancing, regardless of age
Kindergarten – Lion                              1st Grade – Tiger                                   2nd Grade – Wolf
3rd Grade – Bear                                   4th Grade – Webelos                            5th Grade – AOL

When and where do we meet?
We have monthly pack meetings. Due to current health guidelines, the locations and times of those meetings may vary.  Each individual Den meetings vary.  Some meet weekly and some meet monthly.  Please contact us for more information about the outings and meetings.

What are the dues? And what are they used for?
Dues are $186 per year for the Cub Scouts program (Grades 1- 4), $156 per year for AOLs (grade 5), and $156 per year for the Lion program (Kindergarten).  Dues are collected at the beginning of the scouting year.  If you join later, dues will be prorated based on the date joined. A portion of the dues goes to the NCAC Council which is used for insurance on scouting events, events organized by the NCAC, and other council expenses.  The rest goes to the pack to cover the costs of a kerchief and slide for each cub; boys life magazine, awards and patches for each cub; camping fees; and expenses for official pack events.

What does a scout need?
Lions rank:  A Lion Handbook, official Lions t-shirt & cap (all provided by the pack)

Tigers rank to Arrow of Light rank:
1. A Scout Handbook for the scout’s den level
2. Two uniforms 
    Class A (formal scout uniform) that is used for official events and ceremonies
          Tigers, Wolves, Bears – wear the blue uniform shirt
          Webelos and Arrow of Lights (AOLs) – wear the khaki uniform shirt
    Class B (t-shirt) that is used for den meetings, camp-outs, and events requiring more informal attire.
3. Patches – Uniform guidelines in den handbook.  (“1344” patch can be purchased through the pack)
4. Hat
5. Belt
6. Neckerchief and neckerchief slide (provided by the pack)

You will need to purchase the items listed above that are not provided by the pack.  You can purchase them at the local scout store.  The local scout shop is located at 5232 Port Royal Road Springfield, Virginia 22151.  To shop online, visit

What is my role as a Parent/Guardian?
When you join scouting, you join as a family.  Throughout the scouting program you will work together and help your scout along the way.  Your scout will be able to confidently move successfully through the program because of your encouragement, help, and guidance.  Parents/Guardians are expected to come to the pack meetings for information, but most importantly to help celebrate their Scouts’ achievements each month that they have worked so hard to receive. Pack Meetings and events are all family-friendly, so please welcome siblings, grandparents, etc. to join you and your scout.

How else can parents get involved? 
The pack belongs to all scouts and their families, and to make it run smoothly, we need help from everyone!  You are the ones that help make it all come together.  Please assist den leaders and pack leaders by volunteering for activities when there is a need.  We understand circumstances come up and you may not be able to help-out with every activity and that is ok!  It is not expected that you volunteer every time.  There are many different volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the year.  You can help-out with something that requires little time, such as helping with set up or clean up for a pack meeting or you can help-out with something that requires more time, such as running an event or being a den leader.  Your time is valuable and any time that you can give us is greatly appreciated!  By volunteering, you are giving an important gift to your scout, the gift of time! 

To join today, you can either contact our pack secretary by completing our contact form  or you can complete the online application.    

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